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If you are searching for QESCO online bill services, you are in the right place. You will find the answers to all your queries related to Quetta Electricity Supply Company from this website.

Qesco online bill:

Quetta Electric Supply Company provides lots of facilities to its users. The service of online bill checking and paying is the best. Now you need not worry about standing in a long line of customers and waiting for your turn. Customers can quickly check the status of the bill and also pay by using the QESCO services. The company tries its best efforts to fulfill the needs of the customers. The customer can view the statement of the bill without troubling their daily routine.

To view the bill’s statement or any details about your electric connection, you need the reference number. The number assigned by the QESCO to every connection. It is the 14 digits code. The required information is the reference number. Firstly you have to know your connection’s reference number. For this purpose, find out the bill for the previous month—the reference number placed on the upper right corner. Finally, obtain the reference number

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