FESCO Online Bill 2021 – Download Duplicate Bill

Have you lost your bill for the current month?

Is the deadline for paying the bill without penalty reaching?

Are you searching for the online tool to get you the recent FESCO Online Bill for the month?

Nowadays, many possibilities allow you to see your FESCO Bill for the current month. In addition, if you haven’t received the currents month bill on time, it is delivered to the wrong address, or it wasn’t being delivered in the first place.

With these issues, the due date to submit the current month bill can be a hectic issue.

You have landed on the right spot. We are here to provide you the best possible solution relating to all of your problems mentioned above. You can now have access to the duplicate bills so that you can have them printed out quickly in the first place and don’t miss the deadline.

How To Check Online FESCO Bill?

FESCO Online Bill

WAPDA provides FESCO Bills at your doorstep, But sometimes it may lost or you may not able to get your bill or have not received the bill due to some technical reasons. So for this you can get your duplicate FESCO Online Bill in a few seconds from our website.

Please follow the following steps to get your duplicate FESCO bill:

Step 1 – Find your previous bill, as you need to get your reference id from the previous billing. you can’t verify your bill by entering your name. FESCO bills are allotted with reference id’s not with customer names. So all you need is your 14-digit reference id, which is printed on the top left corner of the bill, As shown below.

FESCO Online Bill

Step 2 – Now put your reference number in the reference box & get your duplicate FESCO Online Bill in a single click.

How To Print Online FESCO Bill:

To print your FESCO Online bill, you just need a printer. Connect your printer with your system or laptop & install printer drivers. Now If you are using internet explorer, google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then follow the following steps:

Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard or manually move the cursor to the top right side of the browser & open the options & click on print button

Step 1 – After pressing the printer button, it’ll open an printing page

Step 2 – Now Select the printer model, which you have connected with your system or laptop, like:

FESCO Online Bill

Step 3 – Set the layout as portrait & open more settings

Step 4 – Select the page size to A4 & Click on the print button

FESCO Online Bill

FESCO Tariff:

Serial #For Consumption exceeding 50 UnitsApplicable Variable Charges Rs/kWh
1.001 - 100 Units5.79
2.101 - 200 Units8.11
3.201 - 300 Units10.20
4.301 - 700 Units17.60
5.Above 700 Units20.70

Online FESCO Bill Payment Method:

In the world of modern era, electricity companies introduced a new model to pay their bills online very easily. So their customer don’t have to go to the bank or to stand in the long lines waiting for the bills’ payment. Paying FESCO Bill Payment Online is the best and fastest way to pay your electricity bill via jazz cash, easy paisa or bank account application.

FESCO Online Bill

What Is FESCO?

For our new readers, there might be a question in their mind that what is FESCO?

FESCO is an abbreviation of Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company (FESCO). FESCO was created in the year 1998 by the Government of Pakistan. The reason for the creation of FESCO was with the sole purpose of distribution of electricity to the Faisalabad region.

There are around 2.5 million consumers that FESCO covers under its belt. FESCO is under the umbrella of WAPDA, the sole distributor and producer of electricity in the country. FSCO ranked among the most efficient and effective electricity distribution companies in the region and covered a vast area and significant population coverage. It allows its consumers to have the FESCO bill SMS service as well.

Areas Under FESCO:

  • Faisalabad district
  • Sargodha district
  • Mianwali district
  • Khushab district
  • Jhang district
  • Bhakkar district
  • T.T Singh district
  • Chiniot district district

How FESCO works:

As you are well aware, WAPDA is the sole distributor and producer of electricity demands of the Peoples Republic of Pakistan.

Under WAPDA, all distribution companies are allowed to launch the electricity bills, print them, duplicate issue bills, and provide support and facilitation in restoring, installing, and modifying the region’s electricity demands.

So now, FESCO also offers the same facilitation to their consumers as allowed by the WAPDA. Now you can download your bill, print them, and pay the bill.

Downloaded duplicate bill can either be paid in the bank, online payment solutions, or even at the National Post office. Everywhere these bills are treated the same as the original bills.

We offer you the services for downloading the bill or even checking your fesco bill online through our website through the FESCO online bill checking facility interlinked with the FESCO MIS system.

Now all you have to do is to get your FESCO bill print or the duplicate copy of the bill, and for that, all you have to do is follow a few steps that are mentioned below for your facilitation purpose.

These steps are elaborated below for your convenience so that you won’t find it difficult and hectic in any matter.

  1. All you have to do is put your previous electricity bill near you so that you can quickly enter the reference number that is allotted to you by FESCO.
  2. This number is printed on the right end corner of the bill that can easily be seen without any hindrance.
  3. A reference number is a number that holds 14 unique digits code assigned to you on the basis of your area.
  4. After that, all you have to do is click this link
  5. Now enter the reference number into the reference number box and press submit.
  6. The accurate bill with the amount of bill that you need to pay for the month as your electricity bill appears on the screen for you.
  7. Go to the download dialogue box and download the bill.
  8. After you have successfully downloaded the bill, print the bill, and here you go, you have the duplicate bill in your hand that is acceptable and authentic.


We also offer you the services of getting to know your bill’s exact amount for the current month. If for any other reason you didn’t get your electricity bill for the month.

There is no need to worry about that. All you have to do has come to our website, and with a single click, you will come to know the exact amount you are going to be billed for the current month.

Furthermore, you can now also calculate the amount of bill you are about to be charged by the FESCO by a single click.

All you have to do is enter the assumed number of units you think you might have utilized in the current month, and we will get you the amount of the bill that you are going to receive as the current month’s electricity bill.

In addition, there is no need to worry about the amount or the price of the electricity units as we are regularly updating our website with the exact figures.


Now comes to the features of this website.

Contact Numbers & Helpline

These are the exact numbers for the contact persons and authorities that might be helpful for you in times of need. These numbers are mentioned below for your future reference




To get complete details, please visit!!

FESCO Telephone Directory


The FESCO authorities address is also there for your convenience: West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad, Pakistan.  


The working hours are also indicated for your ease. The timings are from 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM throughout the weekdays, such as Monday to Saturday. Furthermore, the timings for Friday are from 09:00 AM to 01:PM and from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM due to Jummah break.


FESCO offers convenience to its consumers by sending them the bill information for the month through the SMS service.

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