If you are searching for the LESCO online bills, then you stepped into the right place. Here you can check your Lahore electric bills by adding the reference number of the electricity bill. Not just you can check out bills but also can download and pay the electricity bill.

LESCO online bill

LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company. And its primary function to supply electricity to different areas of Lahore. Lesco is also part of (WAPDA) which is stands for water and power development authority. In other words, the WAPDA online bill system is doing the supervision of Lesco, and it provides the electrical facility 24/7 to its customers who belong to six divisions. The primary purpose of Lesco includes providing better services for the Lesco HR department and facilitates customers to pay their dues on an online basis. For providing a better facility, Lesco introduced an online bill payment system. By giving an online bill facility, we can quickly check our dues on a 24/7 basis easily

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