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WAPDA online complaint call To  118


Call WAPDA Helpline 118 From Mobilink, Zong, Ufone, and PTCL. Telenor Network does not allow to make calls to WAPDA helpline 118


WAPDA “Water & Power Development Authority ”. The WAPDA online complaint service is available that provides helps the citizens to register their complaints regarding any electric issue they facing in their area. WAPDA helpline is also available through which you can easily register your complaint. Calling the helpline is not free. As time is changing, time is money, and everybody wants to save their valuable time. WAPDA aims to provide ease to the citizens. The WAPDA complaint number can get through bills and also available online.

WAPDA online complaint not only saves the time of citizens but also save the time of many department employees. Now they don’t need to send the bills door to door. Electricity distribution companies of Pakistan also providing bill SMS service. One can quickly check their account and can submit accordingly. Electricity distribution companies of Pakistan also providing a bill calculator allows you to calculate the bill according to per-unit cost. The online calculator provides accurate results as well as provide ease in calculating. WAPDA helpline is 24/7 available to serve different issues that include wrong bill entry, a problem in getting the bill submission, checking the status of the complaint, and much more.

Bill SMS service works efficiently. You can sip a cup of coffee, and here you go with your bill submission, no standing in long lines and a hustle free work done. This service is highly appreciable by the people who work in offices and hardly get time to submit their bills. With just one click you can now submit your account and also check your status of the bill that either it’s offered or not. One more fun feature, you can thoroughly check the Fesco bill just by clicking on the bill details.

Suppose you get any trouble in billing and any other issue regarding electricity you can merely log in to fesco online complaint portal and submit your complaint. You will get a response within 48hours and also you can able to check the status of your complaint. Due to a massive number of people, the complaint numbers are allotted, and you can check that which complaint number is enrolled. Commonly, the WAPDA helpline calls you in some rare cases to come on the premises to fit if needed.

Electricity distribution companies of Pakistan also providing is providing the best of the online complaint services that need a slight update. Like they need to hire more technical staff, best communicators that positively deal with the citizens. It will not only built up the trust but also make sure that they will get their complaints addressed in a short period. The online lodging of objection can be made more effective, and for all citizens, it is advised that once you are done with your complaint, make sure to sit back and wait for at least 24hrs because you are not the only one who is complaining. Otherwise, SMS service and the helpline service is doing a perfect job that everybody needs to appreciate. Electricity distribution companies of Pakistan also providing bill calculator is also easing the life of many by calculating the bill online without any hustle.

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